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Every kid deserves a childhood.

Cobbled Streets provides children in foster and kinship care with individualized experiences and enriching opportunities so they can thrive.

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Imagine a world where children in foster care have a childhood filled with positive experiences bringing them joy, a healthy sense of well-being, and inspiration for a promising future.

This is the world Cobbled Streets is working to create. 

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The core of Cobbled Streets is to create a more equitable world for foster children - 

a population that is systematically overlooked, underserved, and underrepresented.

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Children end up in foster care through no fault of their own, often as a result of abuse or neglect. They carry emotional trauma that is exacerbated by multiple moves, transient relationships, and a fractured and overburdened foster care system. All foster children have been exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which are strongly linked to a higher risk of negative health and behavioral outcomes later in life. The state is obligated to ensure their healthy development and a path to success, yet only 30% of foster teens graduate high school and 33% of youth who leave the system are homeless by their 21st birthday.


Cobbled Streets goes upstream to provide children in foster and kinship care with the positive childhood experiences and relationships they need to have a healthy sense of well-being and thrive. By creating access to individualized experiences and enriching opportunities, we help mitigate the long-term impacts of trauma and adversity.


Growing up in foster care, nobody really asks you about your experience.

-Mitch in Rebecoming Me

Cobbled Streets is changing this.

Listen to what former foster youth have to say about Cobbled Streets...

The driving force of Cobbled Streets is to ensure that youth in the foster care system are SEEN and HEARD – that they are included in our community and have access to the resources and opportunities that will allow them to thrive and positively impact our world.

Learn about Rebecoming Me >

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I support Cobbled Streets because they fill an essential role in enriching the lives of youth in foster and kinship care in Metro Denver. All young people need joy, fun, and individual experiences that encourage self-discovery. Through multiple efforts, Cobbled Streets works to ensure success and hope for youth who are often overlooked.

Dr. Nancy Gary, Psy.D., Individual Donor

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Learn, listen, give, volunteer, partner, take action! Join our community of supporters and make a difference in the lives of foster youth through the power of experiences. 

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