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To inspire a more compassionate, trauma-informed foster care experience and eliminate the pipeline from foster care to homelessness.


Cobbled Streets provides enriching opportunities and life changing experiences so kids in foster care develop new skills, create connections, improve relationships and thrive. This is childhood the way it ought to be!

Anayia's Story
Please take the time to listen to Anayia's story. As a former foster child, we wanted to give her the opportunity to share her voice with our audience! Kids in foster care are often ignored and forgotten, but we are here to change that, so please take two minutes to hear what Anayia has to say!


My Journey through Foster Care

I’m moving again, leaving myself behind.
I’m moving again, losing some of my mind.
It doesn’t seem right, it never seems fair,
I thought I was someone, more than a chair.

The words hung between us, just dangling, not said.
The look in her eye, the whisper of dread.
It must be a mystery, a puzzle, a crime.
Her heart was broken, as broken as mine.

If they walked in my shoes, if they lived in my head,
For a minute, an hour, to hang by a thread.
Afraid to belong, afraid to need much,
Afraid of the doorbell, a siren, a touch.

Why can’t they see me? They watch me, they stare.
I’m a person with feelings. I am, I swear.
Never at peace, never at home,
Surrounded by people, always alone.

I’m moving again, leaving myself behind.
Moving again, losing some of my mind.

Someday will be different, they’ll see into my heart.
They’ll know I am human. I guess that’s a start.
Someone will love me, someone will care,
Someone will see me…more than a chair.


GREAT NEWS! Cobbled Streets is now a member of the King Soopers/City Market Community Rewards Program. To enroll, go to the grocery store website and follow the prompts. Happy Shopping = Happy Kids! TIA for your participation!

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King Soopers -

      ATTENTION Foster Parents and Kinship families If you would like more information on how Cobbled Streets can help go to Cobbled Streets Programs.If you have any questions, reach out to us through the Contact form found below.


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How it works:
1. Download/Open the Amazon app on your phone
2. Select the main menu (top left corner) & click on See All Programs
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