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Everyone has a story.  A life story.  Each story is special because no one has the same story. Writing about yourself, your family, friends, challenges, and difficulties, is hard.  When you do, you may find writing can be very helpful. You can see you have survived the difficulties and you are brave; you can learn more about yourself and what you care about. You can become aware of your hopes and dreams.      


Who knows, you may become a writer!


Would you like to enter the

Writing Contest

and share your story?


We must receive your entry by November 30, 2022.


Contest rules are on the below…

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First Place Prize:
Second Place Prize:
Third Place Prize:

Every person who enters the Writing Contest will receive $20.00!

Remember to include your Age, First Name, Phone Number, and Email address so Cobbled Streets can contact you.

How to Submit:

Mail to: Cobbled Streets, 7360 W. 28th Ave.,

Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033


Email to:

Age Groups:

There will be 3 age categories for prizes and each category will have a First, Second, and Third prize winner:

Ages 7-10

Ages 11-15

Ages 16-21

All stories are confidential. If you are a Writing Contest Winner, we will ask if you would like your story published in our newsletter.  If you agree, your name will not be used for this purpose.




· Remember…All entries must be received by November 30, 2022

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