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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Saturday Event With Foster Source

April 2023

More than 25 families attended the Cobbled Streets Ambassador Event on Saturday, February 11. As the adults learned about the Ambassador Project and attended a training which explored the traumatized brain, the kids were involved in playing and learning. The Denver Children’s Museum provided an exciting activity about kinetic energy and teamwork. Volunteers helped build tracks, ramps, and structures with the kids in teams and soon the room was filled with laughter, shouts of excitement, and applause! Crafty Chassis joined and provided even more creative happiness. The kids made colorful window hangings and displayed them with great pride. There were door prizes for 5 lucky families and the Cottonwood Institute promoted our upcoming summer camp. It was a morning filled with fun, exploration, and joy for everyone!


Saturday Event With Foster Source

On the 4th Saturday of each month, Cobbled Streets partners with Foster Source and Jo Burns Connects to bring foster parents together for a few hours of learning and interacting while the youth in foster care participate in fun learning experiences with arts, crafts and nature.


To find out more about or to volunteer for these monthly events, go to the Foster Source website.

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