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Guiding Lights:
Experiences & Opportunities

David Ambroz

“Why would I want to remember summer camp? I’m about to be hungry again. And yet summer camp stays with me, not in the form of souvenir crafts, and not as a fun, nostalgic memory, but as a

guiding light.” 

-David Ambroz, formerly homeless and in the foster care system, now a child welfare expert and advocate

A Place Called Home book

Cobbled Streets provides guiding lights for children in foster care in the form of individualized, positive childhood experiences that allow them to thrive.

Shari Shink and child
Broncos game fun


Cobbled Streets focuses on providing experiences and opportunities for foster children while promoting healthy relationships with adults. These experiences take many forms, including equine therapy, tutoring, educational and cultural excursions, tickets to shows and events, outdoor experiences, recreational team sports and gear, swimming lessons, music lessons, and more. Some individualized experiences are independent, such as a day at Meow Wolf or the purchase of a bicycle, and others are extended, such as ongoing weekly tutoring, gymnastics, or guitar lessons.

Swim time

We do not provide a one-time connection, but rather an ongoing, nurturing network, building positive relationships and trust. Once a child and family join Cobbled Streets, they are part of the family

We respond with a sense of urgency. Families often share that the barriers they face to providing extracurricular experiences for their children are cost, access, time, location, and transportation. Our individualized approach is critical for this unique population and allows us to address these challenges.

Child and piano
Tutor and child
Hockey player

Research suggests that the types of experiences we provide and the resulting relationships promote well-being and provide many social, emotional, and physical health benefits. Most of our activities involve teachers and coaches who offer guidance, encouragement, and a listening ear. Relationships with trusted adults provide a profound sense of security and belonging, nurturing self-esteem and resilience. They are crucial in changing the trajectory of a child’s life.

Sports promote teamwork, trust, and communication and build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience. They allow children to learn new skills and make friends. Participation in the arts allows for creative expression, stress management, and the growth of sense of self. Foster youth themselves suggest that activities of all kinds help them deal with sadness and loneliness. They allow them to have a genuine childhood, providing the essential building blocks on the journey toward adulthood and the chance to imagine a bright future.

Vacation time


We collaborate with our partner organizations to offer group events throughout the year. Some examples of the group activities include 6-week golf and mentorship programs with First Tee in the fall and spring; equine therapy with Pegasus Bridge to Wellness; special Saturday Events six times per year with Foster Source; a Halloween costume shopping experience with Rylie’s ARK; a musical at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts; a Broncos game sponsored by the Peyback Foundation; and more!

Summer camp

These group activities allow foster youth to connect, providing the rare opportunity to interact with others who have similar lived experiences. They also allow foster youth to connect with trusted adults – our staff, partner organization’s staff, and volunteers. The overflowing joy as the children engage in these experiences is powerful … the smiles and squeals of laughter are unforgettable.

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