In Colorado, there are hundreds of teens living on our streets, many of whom emancipated from the foster care system. There are hundreds more ready to join them.

Children end up in foster care because of abuse, neglect, and instability. On any given day in the US, there are more than 400,000 children in the foster care system.  Every year more than 23,000 will age out of the system and 20% will become instantly homeless.

Honoring and recognizing this month is
an important part of keeping the needs of youth in foster care in the public mind.


4,000 to 4,500 children in Colorado are currently in the foster care system. Torn from their homes through no fault of their own, these children face extreme emotional trauma from the uncertainty that follows. Ensuring they have a real childhood, and a future, should matter to all of us.

Cobbled Streets is providing learning experiences, leadership, and recreational opportunities to offer youth in foster care a sense of hope and the possibility for a productive future. We want them to have the opportunity to have fun - even during the hardest time of their lives. 

Join us in helping kids enjoy things like Summer camp, music lessons, sports, holiday shopping, museum visits, equine therapy, yoga or cooking classes and so much more!

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To inspire a more compassionate, trauma-informed foster care experience and eliminate the pipeline from foster care to homelessness.


Cobbled Streets will use the power of film and foster youth engagement to create awareness, challenge injustice and provide enriching opportunities.

Image by Denise Jans


Child Welfare Systems across the country are struggling and reform efforts and resources have been limited. These systems need to be reimagined. Brain science, trauma informed decisions, and societal changes bring critical information to challenge the status quo.
There is an urgent need for change.


Research in brain science has determined the dramatic impact of trauma on foster kids and homeless youth. This science will form the basis for recommendations critical to reforming the foster care system.