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We launched the Ambassador Project in 2022 in partnership with Foster Source to create a community outside the system. Together, we are reaching across Colorado to provide foster children and families with easy access to supportive and therapeutic resources, meaningful relationships, trauma-informed education, and free, fun, and educational activities. This project supports families in navigating a complicated system and provides their children with opportunities and experiences to thrive.

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Our goal is to identify at least one Ambassador for each of the 23 judicial districts in Colorado. Ambassadors are former or current foster or kinship caregivers, and they create supportive communities for foster children and their families in their district by hosting monthly community gatherings and maintaining ongoing communication. 

We learn every day that Ambassadors are vital in ensuring success, retention, and collaboration for kin and foster families. The Ambassador Project is an ecosystem of support and is changing the landscape for children in foster care and their families. There is nothing else like this in Colorado.

Meet Sarah Martin, Ambassador and Foster & Adoptive Mom!

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