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KidsOutAndAbout. Your local guide to everything for kids, teens, and families! If you are looking for activities around you check out this site! It provides a bunch of activities for you and your family in your area!

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Ambassadors Program
Sarah Martin Ambassador & Foster/Adoptive Mother

And Resources!

Cobbled Streets focuses on providing experiences and opportunities for foster children while promoting healthy relationships with adults.


These opportunities take many forms, such as art, sports, equine therapy, and many others,  providing transformative experiences for kids in foster care.  Best practice and evidence-based research confirms that these activities improve mental health, as well as improve a student’s school attendance, behavior and course completion.  They offer youth a chance to meet new friends, coaches and mentors. 


Sports promote teamwork, trust and communication, along with character development and confidence.  Participation in the arts allows for creative expression, stress management, and improvement in self-esteem. Foster youth, themselves, suggest that activities of all kinds help them deal with sadness and loneliness.

Cobbled Streets is changing… changing hearts, changing minds, changing lives… In our first year we have provided:

  • Group and individual activities for 358 foster kids.

  • Support and brief respite opportunities for 169 foster parents.

  • Meals and necessities for 195 homeless kids.

With the generous support of volunteers who contributed more than 2,000 hours of their time, and the Colorado Symphony that provided virtual performances during the pandemic to all foster families. We’re just getting started!


Testimonial shared by a foster parent who has received assistance from us! 
We are providing gymnastic classes for a young girl in foster care and the experience has had a huge impact for the better in her life. Her foster Mom shared that --- 
"Overall she is completely different from when she got here. Gymnastics is the first activity she has ever had the chance to try - so she looks forward to it every week! Knowing there are people out there who we can partner with to make an impact on these kids is amazing. It allows them to dream of all the things they can do!"

Service/Needs Request Form

Please fill out all information below to help program staff in assisting with your Service request. Reach out to Kiara (720-361-9420) if you need any assistance filling out the form or for any question you may have. Click Bellow to Get Started!


No one can tell the story better than the child who experiences it. Their stories will provide input for the compelling changes necessary in a system that is intended to serve them. A powerful, unique documentary will combine research, stories, and innovations to catalyze national reform.

In Partnership With

We have partnered with Just As Special to build a database of resources for foster families and foster youth. The database will start with Colorado resources and then be built out nationally.

No comprehensive foster care database currently exists. This database will allow organizations to create more effective partnerships, recruit volunteers and mobilize the community to better serve kids.

Find out more about Just As Special online at and read a recent

article about the creation of the resource database here


Tennyson Center for Children

Founded in 2017, Families Together connects families who feel isolated with volunteer “Neighbors” who want to prove they’re not alone. Neighbors deliver meals, groceries, or care packages to one specific family for six months, building a friendship through encouraging notes and phone calls. This community support helps stabilize families and children, giving them the support they need to be successful together.


Are you a family in need of some extra support? Click here to find out more information on how Families Together can help! Are you a volunteer looking for an opportunity to get more involved in your community by supporting foster, kinship, adoptive and biological families? Click here to learn more about the program and apply to support a family near you today!


Cobbled Streets is honored to partner with a variety of Colorado community organizations and businesses in our important work.

By engaging directly with foster parents and foster children,
we can identify the variety of needs common to many foster children, and the kinds of experiences most sought after to address these needs and interests.

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