NEW! Check out this article written by Cobbled Streets Founder and Executive Director, Shari Shink. It focuses on the youth mental health crisis that has occurred since March, 2020 and what it means especially for children in foster care.


The Pandemic That Never Ends


Pediatric Care for Foster Children | Children's Hospital Colorado › foster-care-covid19

Pediatric Care for Children in Foster Care During COVID-19: Part I (S4:E6)

Children in out-of-care home settings face unique healthcare challenges due to adverse childhood events that affect their mental and physical health. Families who take these children into their home face unique challenges as well, so they need support to meet their needs. Consequently, it’s important for primary providers to be aware of the tenets of care for this important patient population.

Kids in Foster Care: Part II | Children's Hospital Colorado › foster-care-health

Pediatric Care for Children in Foster Care During COVID-19: Part II (S4:E13)

Listen to pediatric experts discuss healthcare considerations for children living in foster care and other out-of-home settings.


4,000 to 4,500 children in Colorado are currently in the foster care system. Torn from their homes through no fault of their own, these children face extreme emotional trauma from the uncertainty that follows. Ensuring they have a genuine childhood, and a future, should matter to all of us.

Cobbled Streets is providing learning experiences, leadership, and recreational opportunities to offer youth in foster care a sense of hope and the possibility for a productive future. We want them to have the opportunity to have fun - even during the hardest time of their lives. 

Join us in helping kids enjoy things like Summer camp, music lessons, sports, holiday shopping, museum visits, equine therapy, yoga or cooking classes and so much more!

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